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Written by Christopher Lombardo for Strategy (Jan 21, 2020)

Smart home tech recreates the classic ad, delivering a responsible consumption message through a partnership with Uber. Directed by John Grammatico, for Revolver Films.

“Whassup?” made its way into the popular lexicon twenty years ago, parodied and referenced across film and TV for years after it debuted. Now, it’s back to amuse a new generation, while also delivering a message about responsible consumption.

Budweiser is reprising the infamous catchphrase, re-purposed for a generation more familiar with smart home tech than with landlines. In the exclusive-to-Canada ad, smart home tech – from speakers to washing machines to vacuum cleaners – chat with one another in a conversation reminiscent of the original spot’s script. It ends with voiceover describing how it is “a smart world,” and that viewers shouldn’t be “stupid” about how they get around: the brewing giant is teaming up with Uber to make sure people get home safe, revealing a special promo code when the spot airs during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.