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Dark Void: Friv Game Overview

In Dark Void has all the makings to become garbage and go to the basket with mud. There are aliens who live in parallel space, and Tesla with its electricity, and the Bermuda triangle, and a shelter system, and stationary guns, and crooked controls, and dying teammates ... What else is there in games that you can hate them for ? And whatever you name, I'm sure it can be found in Dark Void . Therefore, now there is only one question: does this project have at least something that would make us not to throw it to hell? Play the jogos friv games, relax, have fun. The most popular collection of friv games online.

Maybe this is a deep plot? No, we have a magnificent example of a second-class poop, which proudly calls itself history. The game begins from the end, as today developers like to do. We are flying with a jetpack behind us, firing at some ungrateful alien ships, deftly maneuvering between the rocks, and then ... Pytch! Flash, white light. It turns out that in the courtyard of 1938, we operate an ordinary civilian aircraft, and with a knapsack behind us we will only be in a week. This is such a flashback ...

After the first screen saver ends, the crap begins. We break up, find ourselves in some kind of jungle and try to understand what happened. And only a couple of minutes pass, when a silver iron man with a blaster from the future attacks us from somewhere. Attention, the question is: who will be able to prevail in battle - a pilot from 1938 or a killing machine? In my opinion, the answer is obvious, because civil aviation pilots at their academies take courses to protect the Earth from Invasion.

So first, we will kill one alien, then another, take away the blasters from them and begin to wet the reptiles on an industrial scale until we find Mr. Tesla. If the scientist knew how often the scriptwriters would mention him without imagination, he would spit on all the experiments and become a courier. In general, Comrade Nikola hands us a jetpack and asks us to throw a Tunguska meteorite onto the ground, promises that with it we will defeat the aliens who are atrocious here in the Bermuda Triangle, and tell the local tribe that they are gods ...

There is no point in continuing. Insanity grows stronger and swells. There will be a place for prophecy and Resistance, which includes all survivors, and visions, and love stories ...

I, of course, am glad that Airtight GamesI spent a lot of money on creating a powerful physical model in the game, but saving on screenwriters and hiring cleaners who watched a dozen mediocre science fiction films last night is a mess for their role. They would have bought drugs at least, otherwise the poor would work without any imagination ...

So, we cross out the plot from the merits of Dark Void . Although not, it’s better we put it on the list of deadly sins for which developers will burn in hell of financial losses.

Let's move on to the prosaic - to the gameplay. Militants often hide a diamond in it. But from the first seconds it is difficult to believe that it will be possible to find it. There is a phenomenally miserable management. It’s even difficult to find a suitable comparison ...

When a character is in the air, the “keyboard + mouse” is converted to “broken keyboard, mouse, table / monitor”. I have to use a gamepad. Then flying is quite convenient. But if you land, and control on the gamepad provides a wonderful bunch of “broken gamepad and arms / monitor” ... Well, you understand.

Therefore, the local managementone hero gives the impression that you yourself are piloting a huge ship. You tap something on the keyboard, help with the mouse, sometimes grab the gamepad, then again the keyboard. I also have a steering wheel and a joystick, I had to connect them too. Why, why not hang the hero’s movements on the pedals - it’s so convenient! [epileptic sarcastic laugh]

Let's say we are so dreaming of driving in Dark Void that we close our eyes to the horrors of management. Let's look for joy in matches with aliens. And, you know, at first it’s really fun to fight them. The shelter system, though annoying (it is dumb to the impossibility: shot, hid, shot), but in general it turns out quite dynamically, and thanks to the knapsack we can also fly a little (at the beginning it only throws us up and allows us to reach the ledges). Contractions even go into completely non-standard planes. There is, for example, a battle on a vertically hanging ship. We climb up and shoot back. It turns out pretty funny.

And there are such battles at alien space stations, in the jungle, in a cave, in the mountains, on the basis of adversaries and in a dozen places. Developers take one chip and put it in every suitable place for this. And since all levels are created for this chip, then it is everywhere. Here, in general, we can say that there are only two types of battles. These are stupid skirmishes on the ground and these are the “hanging ones”.

Moreover, thousands of spiteful critics always stick on us. No variety - just a dumb shooting. Massive dumb shooting. And almost all opponents are the same. And the battle method is that against the leader, that against the tiny steel reptile is always the same. Hid-shot-hid. Glory to the consoles! [epileptic sarcastic laugh]

Gentlemen, the disk with Dark Void is almost in the trash. Literally one step, and that’s all - the game is akin to a banana peel, apple stumps, rotten canned food and used tea leaves. What could save her? Flying?

Well, we will analyze the last hope of the project. Almost everyone was waiting for something Dark Void for flights. They look really pretty good. At a height where jet aircraft should be carried, a person hovers. Moreover, with proper animation: arms and legs hang out, clothes are fluttering due to a fair wind, the whole body clumsily clumsily during turns.

Sometimes it’s fun to fly. Just fly. From one point to another. You can still complicate your life at times and arrange demonstrative maneuvers between cannons, beams, enemies and walls. Really fun.

But besides these entertainments, there is nothing more to do. Everything else that the developers introduced is nonsense. The battle in the air is a race for a flying saucer in an attempt to bring it down. No different from an arcade simulator. Moreover, a cheap arcade simulator, because everything is repeated, but the hero does not have tactics and interesting weapons.

Sometimes you can grab a flying saucer of the enemy or board your comrades out of resistance, but then the arcade will remain, and the funny external performance will disappear. There will be no more funny human animation; you cannot feel like Superman soaring in the sky.

So what did we get in the end? The same type of action movie with crooked controls, an unbearable plot, solid physics and fun flying. If you could cut out all the repetitions, tedious actions and stupid shootouts, and then compose the rest and make the game for an hour and a half, then we would say that Dark Void is quite pleasant. In the meantime, we can only offer you a demo version . You can fly there.

Pros: funny flights; physics; the first fifteen minutes the game does not even bother (but already shines with insanity).
Cons: oh, how many of them ... management; crazy plot; stamps; cloned shootings; enemies of the same type; boredom.